Thursday, June 14, 2012

1v1 PG Intentions and Game Time

Technical Designer

We wanted to create something new and fun with this implementation while taking lessons from both ARAM and ARAB experiences. One of my longer term goals is actually to allow for variant rulesets on both this map and for SR; that'll probably be my next Thunderdome project. If I'm successful in doing that then you would be able to play SR without towers in side lines, and conversely play PG without the ambient gold and XP changes. I'm sorry you don't like what we made, but also keep in mind that you can still play ARAM as you've played it on SR until I get an opportunity to do that.

It's not a marketing thing, we just made something we thought was cool. :(

Our goal was to have a game time around 26 minutes, with maxes around 32 or so. If we're getting 40+ minute games then that'll be among the first things we try to balance.  

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