Thursday, June 14, 2012

Soraka Teasers

Sr. Concept Artist

From what I've seen there are major overhauls. I'm not recollecting major details, and I can't really discuss major details at this point, but all aspects of her visuals have been rebuilt.
I don't want to disclose too much more than I already have, however I will point out that, in my opinion, we've made her a lot more attractive! That isn't to say "Oh, I'd proverbially 'hit that' as the kids say these days" but more pleasant to the eye, more cohesive, less noisy, more streamlined and much more elegant. I think people will be pleasantly surprised when they get a look at her.
She will have at least one new skin coming out in addition to her existing skins. I know because, well, I designed the skin =)
Yes, Kat is indeed getting a visual rework along with her skins. It's been similar, if not broader in scope, as she has more skins than Soraka, but Soraka is further along than Kat is.
I can't go into detail unfortunately, but we did not destroy her elegant hoovy-ness.
Hopefully it will indeed be more steady in how we produce them as we have Katarina and Soraka both being worked on simultaneously. We've also staffed up a lot recently, adding more resources to our pipeline to more effectively deliver content that's of better quality. Don't worry, you'll see more visual update reworks =) 

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