Friday, June 15, 2012

Appear Offline Status

Associate Software Engineer
Oh you ... this wasn't actually said anywhere :) It's an item that needs prioritization against countless other awesome ideas. This doesn't mean that it's not going to be done, but rather that we have a lot to do. A lot of people want this feature for reasons similar to those that have been frequently stated in this thread. Amongst those people are myself and many other Rioters! I've poked a lot of people about it for sure (In retrospect, half of those people were probably Status Kwoh).

So to provide an update of sorts, this isn't forgotten. It's still a topic of discussion, especially now that spectator mode has been rolled out in full. The lack of updates around this is frustrating, I know, but we're always hard at work trying to ship awesome things. I think since I last posted about this, we got mastery pages on the server, spectator mode, lots of client refactors (which might be a little transparent), and more. There's definitely a lot of movement going on here!

So in short, thanks for your patience. While I'm confident that you will enjoy the things we've been working on, it's also frustrating to us when we're met with an abundance of opportunities to make League of Legends more awesome and can't do them as fast as we want :) 

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  1. This would be pretty awesome i think i hope it happens soon